An Important Update for 2021!

One thing we've learned is that windy and rainy days are not advantageous to a pop-up bakery... so we came up with a plan for 2021!

If the weather gets too windy or rainy, we will offer all of our available inventory for pre-order on our website starting at 1pm on Friday.

If you're on our mailing list, you'll receive an email Friday and Saturday at 1pm to let you know if we're doing a "virtual" or an actual pop bakery at Math 'n' Stuff!

Pick-up orders will be ready for pick-up between 9am and 1pm on Saturday and Sunday at 9618 20th Ave. NE Seattle,WA 98115.

When you arrive, text us at 206-920-5322 and we'll bring your order out to you in your car!

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Want to see a preview of what we'll have at our pop-ups? Here's a sampling of our Here's a sampling of our products!

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